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True Value hardware: The facts

With a True Value hardware store, you are assured that all your hardware needs will be met and you can get some friendly, knowledgeable advice on completing your most recent project.

Historic brief on the company

Most people are unaware of the historical background behind True Value hardware companies.
In fact, you may be surprised to find out that True Value hardware had its origins as early as 1948 with 12 stores.
True Value started out as a cooperative of hardware stores and even through several changes, that still remains the case. The first True Value company was initially named Cotter & Company.
However, in 1997, after several purchases and mergers, the company adopted the title, “TruServ Corporation.”
In the 90s, the group of hardware stores under Cotter experienced substantial financial losses.
This led to their disintegration, and in 2006, TruServ decided to review its management and daily running. This resulted in the formation of True Value Company. Each store is separately owned and operated.
They contract with True Value for the right to use the name, reputation for excellent service to the community, and purchasing power.
From humble beginnings of 12 stores working together, to now over 5,000 stores, the idea of cooperative operations has served the founders well.

True value hardware store

Hardware stores
Most stores are general hardware, carrying tools and home improvement and repair supplies.
Based in Chicago, Illinois, True Value offers more than just hammers and nails: 1. Home and Garden Showplace: This is True Value’s garden store, with over 260 locations nation wide. They offer lawn management and landscaping necessities. 2. Green Thumb: This the True Value brand of gardening products. They are made to True Value specifications and are sold only at True Value stores. 3. Grand Rental Station, Party Central, and Taylor Rental: These are all independently owned rental stores that purchase through True Value. 4. Just Ask Rental: This service is provided by many True Value franchises and allows customers to rent equipment such as specialised tools, hoists, roto-tillers, among others, rather than having to buy these expensive items that many people only need for a one-time project.

Other facts

Final word
There are a number of other facts about True Value hardware stores that may interest you.
For instance, the numbers of True Value stores across the country are increasing at an impressive rate.
The True Value brand now contracts with over 5500 retail hardware stores, each of which operate individually and separate from the company.

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