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Types of physical education games

Physical education games are used as a method of teaching people in a fun manner. They are often played in partners or small to large groups and encourage co-operation and working as a team and work effectively with or without gym equipment. In this article, there are some top physical education games explained.

Catch the cane

In this exercise, used primarily for kids, students form a circle and each person is given a number from one to the end. One student is "It" and stands in the middle of the circle holding a cane or meter stick with one end on the floor. This student calls out one of the numbers previously given out and lets go of the cane.The person whose number was called, must catch the cane before it falls to the floor. If they fail, then they becomes "It". This game is good for working on reaction speed and also for team morale as it is fun. For obvious reasons, this game comes under the lost for indoor games.

Mouse trap

Primarily a game for kids, this game requires half of the class join hands and form a large circle.The other half of the class are the "mice" and run in and out of the circle. On a signal from the teacher, the trap closes (students drop arms and squat). All "mice" which are caught in the trap are out. Repeat this until all the mice are caught and then switch the mice and the students forming the trap. This game can be an outdoor game and played in a kids playground.

Tug of war

Tug of war is a well-known game which involves two teams competing against each other to pull a designated point on a rope past the 'winning point.' This game not only builds up the strength and physical endurance but also the communication skills of the participants as it relies on tactics and strategies being developed. It can also encourage leadership as the game often requires one person to take the lead and call out orders.

Be selective with the games

When you plan these games, or any other games, always bear in mind the people who you are working with. Take into account the likes and dislikes of your students, the age and number of the students in your class and the size of the area where your games are taking place. As much as anything else, make sure that your games are fun.

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