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Using GE universal remote codes

Universal remotes are great replacements if you lose a remote or if you want a remote with more advanced features. Learning how to program a remote code, especially all-in-one remote codes can be tricky once you lose your remote manual. Fortunately, Jasco products have most of the universal TV and remote codes that you need for GE products.

Overview of GE remote codes and instructions

Programming a universal all-in-one remote requires patience. If you find your code and it doesn't work, try a few more times because the steps involved have to be followed precisely and timed exactly. For example, you usually have to hold down a button to sync your remote and each device, and that connection needs to remain live and active while you are connecting devices. Using the next code Not all remote codes will work for all devices. For example, your TV might have all of the features working with the remote, but your DVD player may not be able to access some features such as closed captioning. If this happens, you have found a working remote code, but not the exact remote code for your product and you should use the next code on the list.
Jasco products You can find GE Universal Remote Instructions as well as GE Universal Remote Codes from Jasco Products at in the support section.
When you go to the main site, choose Product Support. Universal Remote Codes is a section listed in the Product Support section.

How to use remote codes

When you get to Universal Remote Codes on, you will see several PDF lists. One is a general PDF file of instructions on how to set up one for all TV universal remotes. Some are for four-Digit universal remote codes and some are for three-Digit universal remote codes. There is a separate list of instructions for the GE 24912 Universal Remote.
Remote at the level of connection After you have synced your remote and your TV, make sure that you keep the remote at the level of the connection so that you will not lose the connection while you enter codes. When you enter codes, you usually need to reconnect for each device, you will connect your TV, then your DVD player, then your TIVO. You have to follow the sequence in the instructions. If it doesn't work, try the next code on the list.

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