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Using Yahoo! with ATT

AT&T is the third largest provider of fixed and mobile telephony, Internet services and television services in the United States. Using Yahoo! with ATT is really an information service which you can buy from AT&T Internet Services. The partnership between Yahoo!Inc and AT&T Inc is a continuation of the partnership between SBC and Yahoo!Inc. After the merge of SBC and AT&T, the service name was changed into AT&T Yahoo. This article explains how to use Yahoo! with ATT.

Using Yahoo! with AT&T: What does it do?

The ATT Yahoo is really about providing co-branded dial-up and DSL Internet service. It is a high-speed Internet service which can be provided by the two corporations to the customers of AT&T. AT&T Yahoo! can be used only by the current customers of AT&T that live in the areas where the former SBC company used to provide services for. The same service was known between 2003 and 2006 under the name of SBC Yahoo! Practically Yahoo becomes an Internet service provider together with AT&T. This means that you can combine two services in one without any particular costs or hassle.

Using Yahoo! with AT&T: mail

ATT email is really an email application that allows you to receive and send emails over the Internet fast and easy. The advantages of using are: quick access both to the AT&T services and the Yahoo mail service, new email address, access to online auctions, games etc and access to customer support service. The same is valid for SBC mail as well, only that you can go to SBC login to the DSL SBC login page,

Using Yahoo! with AT&T:

The ATT Yahoo partnership of providing Internet service has many features that you will not get from standard email applications. The service gives you the possibility to watch anything online than on U-verse package provided by the AT&T company. You can watch movies and TV shows. You can pay-per-view, demand a special program or movie, and you can choose the Spanish package as well. You get to manage everything which is related to the U-verse package from any computer anywhere in the world.

Using Yahoo! with AT&T: ATT Extras

The ATT Extras is a service package included in the ATT mail service provided together with Yahoo. When you will access your Yahoo ATT mail or SBC email, you will have access to all ATT Extras services. This means that you can have access to ABC News, Disney Connection, SOAPnetic, ESPN3. All of these services are free when you are accessing the Internet using the AT&T high speed Internet service.

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