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Value Line: The facts

Value Line Inc. is an American company which specialises in stock market research. Publishing its investment surveys, on a weekly basis since the 1930s, Value Line represents a well-known and trusted marketing brand. To find out more about Value Line Inc., read the following article.

An overview of Value Line Inc.

Value Line was founded in 1931 by Arnold Bernhard, and has been publishing its now famous Value line Investment Survey on a weekly basis ever since then. The key to the success of Value Line The United States Trade and Patent office gave Value Line the permission to use the following motto “The Most Trusted Name in Investment Research". What makes Value Line such a trusted investment research organisation, that it has received governmental clearance to print such a statement? Value Line believes that its success arises out of the following factors: Data Data Value Line has a vast amount of data at its disposal on diverse areas, such as mutual funds and securities, U.S. companies, individual industrial sectors, as well as indices and economic variables. Tools They have acquired and developed an enormous arsenal of analytical tools which help them to quickly derive analytical insight into the stock market.
Timeless Ranking System Rankings Value Line produces a unique Timeless Ranking System which provides 6 to 12-month performance figures on approximately 1,700 companies throughout the USA. People With expert Analysis with more than 80 years of experience, Value Line manages to provide analytical insight, which is both incisive and, yet objective in its scope. Value Line's intellectual capital of over
70 full-time researchers, security analysts and statisticians provides an intellectual resource which is unparalleled in the industry. Renowned publications The Value Line Investment Survey, with its 80-year plus pedigree, is the leading industry in investment research publication in America today.

Value Line offerings

Value Line provides a free view website publication which is updated every week. It also supplies various free reports, the most famous being the Dow 30, which outlines the performance of the top 30 performers in the Dow Jones Index on a quarterly basis. Value Line also offers surveys on a variety of subscription reports, under the following categories: - Stocks
- Funds
- Options
- Convertibles
- Research Centre
-.Institutions and Advisors
-Data Licensing

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