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Walmart TVs: The facts

Walmart has great deals for TVs, and sometimes, they are from popular brands. However, a Walmart TV is often a version of the brand exclusively for Walmart and Sam's Club to sell. If you are using a TV finder and you find a brand and model you want, you can often find a similar model number of TV at Walmart.

Buy TVs at Walmart

TVs at a discount During Black Friday shopping sales, LCD and plasma televisions are popular in the Walmart TV ads. You can get TVs at a discount in the November TV shopping season as people use TV ad finder tools to find the best deals for TVs on Christmas morning. Brands of Walmart
Walmart sells major brands, such as Toshiba and Panasonic, and lesser known brands which have exclusive contracts with Walmart, such as Durabrand. Some people say that Durabrand and iLo are made by Walmart. However, this is not accurate. Walmart has contracts to market these TVs in their stores at special pricing.

Walmart may have different quality levels

Extra letters in model numbers There is some debate among AVS shoppers as to the quality of Walmart electronics that have slightly different UPCs or extra letters in the model numbers.
Cheap prices and few features Sometimes, the cheaper model at Walmart will have fewer features, because Walmart can negotiate exclusive deals with manufacturers. UPC codes
Other stores appreciate the different UPC codes for Walmart TV labels because people cannot buy a cheap TV at Walmart and then, return it to a different store at a higher price rate.

Buying information for Walmart tvs

Walmart and Sam's Club Walmart and Sam's Club both offer the same brands, so if you are doing comparison shopping, you should look at both of those stores. You do not need to be a member to shop at Sam's Club, but there is a five percent price fee for non-members. You can factor that into the purchase price.
Need to look at the features of the TV When you buy a Walmart TV, make sure that you have the features that you expect. For example, you might know that the brand has an SD card slot and HDMI cables for a specific model number. If the Walmart model has a few letters behind it, check the details of the contents carefully. You might have the same TV, but not the same options. If you have to buy cables and accessories that come with TVs at other stores, the great price might be a little less impressive.

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