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Ways to spend good holidays in Cuba (activities, tour guides, holiday resorts)

Cuba is an island in the Caribbean that has loads to offer to people who plan to take holiday there. This article gives you an overview of where you can stay, what you can do and also the numerous sight seeing locations.

Where to stay

Cuba is the perfect holiday in the sun with warm climate, stunning beaches and beautiful country. You can see the Spanish heritage in the buildings. The place has a real cultural feel to it. Accommodation There are many places you can stay. You can choose to stay in the city in a hotel, or go for a seaside resort. It is best to book a package deal holiday instead of booking flights and accommodation separately. The flights can be very expensive and you will have to spend more money if you don't book them all together. You can check out, or for great deals.

What to do

Havana holidays When visiting Cuba, you must see Havana. This place has so much culture and history that it will stay with you forever. You can partake in historic walks where you see the old parts of the city. Many people feel that it is so different from other places that it is like visiting another planet. Havana tours In Havana, you must also visit the Old Square. This used to be the centre of executions, bullfights and fiestas. Find out more about escorted tours on What's more, you can't go to Havana without trying the famous cigars. You can tour the Partagas Cigar Factory for an interesting behind-the-scenes look into Cuba's famous cigars. One of the tour companies where you can book day tours to the factory is


With all the beaches in Cuba, there are so many activities you can undertake, especially when it comes to water sports. For example, if you like dolphins and would like to swim with them, go to the Bahia de Naranjo Nature Park in Holguin. This is a wonderful excursion to undertake with the whole family.

Where to eat

If you choose to eat out, Cuba offers plenty of options. In Havana, the Restaurant La Casa is a favourite, offering Cuban, Spanish and French food. For pizza in Varadero, visit Kiki's. This place offers pizzas, pastas and cheap cold beers. If you are staying in the old part of Havana, stop by Cafe del Oriente. This place offers nice meals and especially big portions in an atmosphere filled with old charm. The elegance of the marble and wood work makes dining here an experience you don't want to miss.

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