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What are Active X controls ?

Active X is a free downloadable software from Microsoft, which brings an enhanced user experience directly to your own operating system, and computer set-up. This article provides a brief overview of what Active X controls are, and what they contribute to your browsing experience. It also gives information about how you can enable them or download them.

What are Active X controls?

Active X is not a programming language, but rather a number of technologies offered by Microsoft, used to bring inter-activity to the websites. Definition Active X controls, in particular (sometimes, known as add ones), are specific ways of implementing the Active X technologies. They are used by many of the Microsoft Windows applications, such as Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player. Enhancing the browning experience They work to enhance your browsing experience, by providing for animation or help to perform tasks, such as installing security updates.
Documents in PDF
In making web browsing more interactive, Active X components may allow for documents to be opened in PDF in your browser, or the integration of word and spreadsheet programmes. Functionality purpose As they are browser adds-on, Active X controls vary in functionality. Whilst some improve productivity, others can enhance video content, through video Active X controls. Development in any programming language
Active X may be developed in any programming language, that recognises Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM), including Java.
Extending the abilities of Java language
In this respect, Active X extends the capabilities of the Java language, by tying together the Java applets and Active X.
Access to Windows operating systems However, unlike Java applets, Active X controls have full access to the Windows operating system, giving them much more power than the Java applets.

Where to get them?

Process of enabling or disabling the Active X In order to disable or enable Active X, you must operate through your own computer's menus. You need to go to control panel> settings>Internet options. You click on the security tab, and then the custom level button. This will open up the security settings box and here, you will be able to disable or enable Active X. Cause of security issues
However, Active X can also be the cause of security issues, and can allow people to place malware on unsuspecting computer users. On the other hand, many have commented to say that this aspect of Active X is over-exaggerated and does not bare an unusual amount of risk. Installing the Active X controls on the Microsoft website
For more information on how to install Active X controls, and the benefits of Active X, you can directly to the Microsoft website.

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