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What are the advantages of an epoxy floor?

Epoxy comes from two Greek words or prefixes: "Epi" or upon and "oxy" which mean sharp or acidic. Thanks to a discovery made in 1900, a Russian chemist discovered that when peroxybenzoic acid reacts with olefins, they form epoxides. The formula improved in the 1930s and again in 1946. Epoxy has become "the most important product used as surface protection in marine and industrial applications." This article details the advantages of an epoxy floor.


While practical, the epoxy floor coat is also beautiful and it can add style to any room. The epoxy coating comes in numerous colours and styles. Thanks to the number of choices, you can match the colour of the epoxy coating with the decor of the rest of the house. You can also use epoxy coating to create patterns and designs on the floor.


Epoxy coating provides a protective barrier to your floor and protects it from wear. The epoxy coating will also resist oil, solvents and other marks. This will help to maintain the beauty of the floor. Since the epoxy is waterproof, it can prevent water from penetrating through it to the concrete below. It can also prevent water in the concrete from coming to the surface. Epoxy is capable of reducing radon emissions which can make your garage or building more healthy for its inhabitants. Since the epoxy creates a protective layer on the floor, the risk of mould is not only lessened, but the mould will not find an environment in which it can thrive. This also can help to make the garage or room more healthier.


It is easy to keep the epoxy coating clean. Epoxy coating helps to keep the house and the building clean. Sweep the epoxy frequently and use a leaf blower to blow out any dust. If you need to clean the epoxy coating, mix some ammonia in some water. Mop the ammonia mixture on the floor and spread it thinly. Then, let it dry. If you employ a company to install the epoxy floor, then that company could do some of the repair work that you are not able to do yourself such as fixing cracks.

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