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What are the advantages of organic sheets?

The concept of organic products is extending to various aspects of our lifestyles and organic sheets are a part of this phenomenon. Superior in quality, organic sheets benefit both the individual users as well as the environment.

What are organic sheets

Organic sheets are composed completely of natural fibres as opposed to the cotton-polyester blend of traditional sheets.
The components of the organic sheets are grown and processed without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilisers, genetically modified components and chemical manufacturing processes.
Organic products decline the use of chemicals and artificial components in all stages of their production.

Environmental benefits

Since organic sheets are completely composed of natural materials they are fully bio-degradable.
They do not leave behind any toxins on decomposition and increase the soil fertility.
They can be recycled which also helps the environment by making fewer demands on natural resources. The purchase of organic sheets supports the organic farming sector which rejects the use of chemicals and artificial components.
These agricultural practices are safer and more sustainable since they prevent the handlers from being exposed to toxins and prevent chemical pollutants from entering the soil and ground and surface water reserves.
Soil health and fertility is maintained. These environmental benefits make organic bed linen an essential part of a green lifestyle.

Health and comfort

Comfort and health
A good night’s sleep is related to various health benefits and bed linen is central to comfort. Free of artificial components natural bedding is ideal for people with allergies and sensitivities related to the skin and respiratory system.
By precluding chemical coating and other treatments they provide more comfort. Natural fibres like wool absorb sweat from the body and let it evaporate, making the fabric more breathable by allowing air circulation through its layers.
This alleviates the discomfort that users with fungal infections and night sweats experience during sleep. Wool does not trap or retain heat.
It helps regulate body temperature and is a comfortable choice for all seasons.

Durability and performance

Other features
Some organic sheets have cotton and a wool batting covered with a cotton fabric.
Wool is a natural flame retardant.
Its fire resistance discounts the need for coating the sheet with fire retardant material which is required in traditional sheets due to their polyester component. Organic farming practices ensure that the plant is healthy and produces stronger fibres which contribute to the superior quality of the sheets.
Final word
Care of organic sheets differs from that of traditional sheets in order to preserve the natural fibres.
This also prolongs the life of these sheets as opposed to traditional sheets which undergo several wash cycles.

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