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What are the benefits of inflatable movie screens?

Have you ever seen an inflatable movie screen advert and wondered about what possible practical use it can have? As it turns out, these nifty devices have a plethora of possible benefits of usage. This article will discuss why you should use one, and why, in the end, they are more cost-effective for your outdoor, open-air cinema than a standard projector.

Benefits of the screens

An inflatable projection screen is usually more able to brave the elements. This means that if water falls on it, such as rain, the screen will not be broken and it can be easily hosed off for cleaning purposes. Durability Additionally, these are much longer-lived because some projection screens will get scratched if for example, mud gets splashed onto them and must be cleaned off. Normally, if you have an inflatable outdoor movie screen, you can clean it off without making any permanent scratches on it. Mobility Another main benefit of these is their mobility. Unlike the non-inflatable screens, inflatable ones can deflate which makes them easy to be packed anywhere. If you had a normal projection screen, it would take up a lot more space in your car. These can sometimes even fit into standard size suitcases.

Where you can buy them

You can buy your outdoor projector screen at many outdoors stores such as The Sports Authority. Additionally, they can be found in plenty of supermarkets such as Wal Mart and Target.
Online If buying online is more your style and you are willing to fork over the small extra bit for shipping, then eBay and Amazon would be good choices. One important thing to remember is to buy them from a reputable company and seller. The last thing you want to do is to show a movie to your audience and then half way through the showing, you have the screen pop and deflate. Even if you do happen to have air patches, think of the huge inconvenience it would be to your audience who will have to be forced to sit and wait as you first patch the airscreen and then fill it with air once again.
A final word It is also always better to buy these from a location in your own country should you be purchasing online.

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