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What are the best football games to play?

Football (and by football we mean soccer) is a massive sport and so, are football games. They are big sellers across all gaming consoles, so there is a huge amount of choice out there. Here are a couple of the best football games, that are on the market as well as pretty decent free websites that offer football games.

Fifa by EA Sports

Popularity of Fifa Despite a minor blip in the mid-nineties where it was second best to Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer, Fifa has long reigned supreme as the king of football games. Graphics and game-play Renowned for its unbelievably good graphics and for its realistic game-play, in 2011, Fifa became the fastest selling sports game of all time selling around 2.6 million copies in less than a week of being released, thus bringing in over $150 million. Multi-player It has a multi-player, which can be played online and is undoubtedly the best football game out there. Clubs and international teams Over the years, it has progressed to have a huge number of club and international teams to play with. Real-life tournaments It also allows you to play real-life tournaments, such as the World Cup, and even create your own mini tournaments to play with your friends.

Football manager

Fifa may be the best football game in terms of playing on the pitch, but Football manager is the greatest management game of all time. Game-play, player database and realism Originally called Championship manager, before it was bought out around 2005, Football manager has incredibly in-depth game-play, player database and realism. These make this game a must-have for every football fan. You can sort out your own tactics, buy and sell players and interact with them (maybe even fine them for missing training). Ultimately, you can achieve your goals, whether it be winning the champions league or simply getting your favourite team promoted. Network games are also available online.

Allfootballgames is a free online game website, which hosts an array of basic, but fun football games. Free game Whether you want to kick balls at zombies or send Wayne Rooney on a rampage, this site can keep you amused on a rainy day. It also offers links to other free online games, and is definitely worth checking out. It is free after all!

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Where to play fun games for free

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Where to play free army games online

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