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What are the causes of pain in the heel?

A number of times one suffers from heel pains and as a result, one is incapable of managing his/her day-to-day errands. It is thus important to know some of the causes of heel pains and how they can be prevented. Pain in feet will affect both adults and children alike, men and women as well. The preventive measures are practical and simple, and are aimed at helping you to avoid suffering from heel injuries. This article describes the causes of pain in the heel.

Feet spur

The commonly known cause of painful heel is plantar fas, also referred to as the heel spur. This fibrous tissue runs along the bottom of the foot soles, from the heel to the toes. It is affected when the plantar fascia is inflamed, hence leading to a very painful condition. The foot pain results from spending too much time standing, and this leads to the deposition of calcium at the joint where the plantar inserts into the heel. Heel spurs symptoms include dull ache and instant sharp pains in the centre of the heel, severe pain in the morning or after taking rest, limited movement due to increased feet pains. In most cases, the patient will complain of shooting pains.

Sore heel

A painful heel may as well be a result of sore feet that makes standing, running or walking a nightmare because of severe pain and the discomfort involved. Wearing shoes with a heel or from too much physical activity may contribute to this condition, in addition to going barefoot or being overweight. Medics argue that persons with high arches that do flatten when standing are at a higher risk of being affected by foot pain.

Preventive measures

To be pain-free from foot-related pains or foot spur, you will have to use foot insoles or the shoe insole that will help to provide comfort to your feet. In the event this fails, and you still suffer from foot pains, it is recommended to visit a podiatrist. At the hospital, you will be advised on what actions to take, including getting foot orthotics made for you. You may as well use certain creams and rubs as will be prescribed, based on your condition.

Final word

Feet are very sensitive parts of one's body and in most cases, they are based on one's daily busy life; you may end up wearing wrong shoes or spend much time standing and working. As a result, one is likely to be affected by foot pains. To avoid this, you have to visit your podiatrist often and take preventive measures.

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