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What are the colleges of marketing in the UK

Marketing, the field of business that deals with attracting customers, is an integral part of any business and/or business venture. This process uses communication, advertising and business development to bring in new commerce and increase sales. Marketing is a growing field that needs more educated workers and those who are looking for marketing education in Britain will benefit from knowing about colleges of marketing in the UK.

Oxford College of Marketing

Located in Oxford, United Kingdom, the Oxford College of Marketing has 14 Study Centres and a Distance Learning Programme for those who are not able to attend regular classes. This marketing college offers marketing students a variety of study options. Students have the choice of taking evening classes and weekend seminars. To help ensure that students pass their classes, the school also offers a Exam Revision Programme.

London Centre of Marketing

The London Centre of Marketing offers students a chance to study at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The school is accredited to award Diplomas, Higher, Professional Graduate and Postgraduate Diplomas. In addition to an online library that students can access from the comfort of their homes, students can purchase their books online.

Cambridge Marketing College

Cambridge Marketing College is a institute of marketing that has 12 centres in a variety of places in the UK. The school gives students the option to study during the weekends, in the evenings or through distance learning. In addition to these programmes, students who live outside of the UK can study at Cambridge Marketing College Through the World Service Programme.

The Marketing College

It is founded in an effort to fill the need for workers who are skilled in both marketing and the Internet Marketing Industry, The Marketing College (TMC) is a selective marketing school. Students who join this programme work closely with professionals who understand the challenges of working in both marketing and in the field of Internet. Students who show exceptional promise are offered a chance to participate in the selected Career Programmes. After students have completed this programme, they are assisted in finding employment. References What is Marketing?- -Oxford College of Marketing- -London Centre of Marketing- -Cambridge Marketing College- -The Marketing College-

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