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What are the courses that can be taken at correspondence school?

As the nights get longer and winter's around the corner, what better way to keep those brain cells ticking than by taking a correspondence course? There are many providers and lots of different courses to choose from. This article has a look at some of the courses which you could follow through a correspondence school.

Some courses

The Writer’s Academy How about a writing course? Learn to write short stories, write articles for magazines and write your life story with distance learning courses from The Writer’s Academy. They provide expert tuition and guidance on your writing skills and give you advice on how to go about getting published. You learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home, with either printed course materials or on CD-rom. Check them out on
ICS Learning ICS Learning is another provider who, instead of concentrating on one area of study, has a wide range of ICS courses to study at home. You can go back to studying school level subjects and A-levels. These are studied through correspondence, but final exams are sat in a Learning Centre. ICS also has practical subjects like Car Maintenance, Electrical Skills and Motor bike Maintenance as well as many other personal development courses. Find them on

Some more courses

UK College of Holistic Training The UK College of Holistic Training offers a great many courses on subjects like Life Coaching, Stress Management and Counselling Skills that you can study for at home. If you want to upgrade your skills or are considering a new career choice, then a course at this college may appeal to you. Their courses are listed on Courses are e-mailed to the students, who also use textbooks as a learning base.
The Open University If you want to study long term for a degree or Masters degree, then there are universities that offer courses to adults. One of the most well known is The Open University which teaches online and through correspondence material. You can take once-off courses or build them into degree certification. Choose from subject areas like social science, computing, the humanities, languages and lots more. Courses start once or twice a year and may require an exam. Check them out on

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