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What are the different types of beer?

Of all the types of drinks, beer is in the top three in the world. Beer is produced from malted barley, wheat and hops for extra flavour. This formula has been adapted by regional brewers around the world and is the basis for the product of gigantic breweries catering to a world market and tiny beer boutiques and home brewers. This article will explore the basic beer types.

Alcohol content

In all varieties and brands of beer, the content of alcohol is around four to six percent by volume. There are light beers containing one percent and there are special beers whose alcohol content is much higher.

Beer ingredients

Here's a list of beer ingredients: - Water
- Malted barley
- Brewer's yeast
- Hops The malted barley is a source of starch which is turned into alcohol by fermentation. The brewer's yeast triggers the fermentation, and the hops add flavour.The basic beer recipe inspired beer styles in the United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, Austria and Belgium. The beers of Australia have taken on a character of their own as have the products of American and Canadian breweries. Let us examine the basic types of beer.

Types of beer

Real Ale is made without extra additives or carbon dioxide. Pale Ale, also known as Bitter, is made with pale malt. Mild Ale is a dark coloured beer with an alcohol content around six percent. Departing from the strict adherence to natural ingredients and simple production methods, some modern beers have been produced to be sold in bottles and cans while retaining the taste of an ale. Stout is a dark beer produced from roast barley or malt and brewed using a slow fermenting yeast.
Unlike other beer types, Wheat beer is made from fermenting wheat only. Lager is a beer with a clean taste which is due to the fermenting beer being stored in the cool cellars of European breweries.

Beer brands

There are thousands of breweries all over the world, with over 12,000 in America. Among the big beer names, Stella Artois is a lager and is the most popular brand of beer in the United Kingdom. The second most popular is the Australian Fosters Lager, followed by Carling, originally from Canada. Other popular beers are John Smith's Extra Smooth, Speckled Hen and Boddington which are all pale ales. Here are some of the most popular brands of beer in England: Carlsberg, Budweiser, Carlsberg Export Kronenbourg 1664 Beck’s, John Smith’s Extra Smooth, Tennent’s, Guinness Draught, Stella Artois 4%, Grolsch, Carlsberg Special Brew, Reroni Mastro Azzurro, San Miguel, Corona Extra, Heineken, Boddingtons, Old Speckled Hen. This list of beer brands is far from complete. If you want more information on beers, visit

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