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What are the different types of party gifts?

Different types of party gifts depend on what type of party they are being given at. Fun party gifts are more appropriate for fun parties, whilst food gifts would be more appropriate at dinner parties, for example. This article looks at the different types of party gifts that are suitable for different types of parties.

Dinner party

Dinner parties tend to be more formal occasions, and therefore, more formal gifts are appropriate. It is common practice for the guests of a dinner party to bring wine for the party in order to drink at the table, for example, or even things such as wine glasses or, of requested, a starter or a dessert for the actual meal.

Children's birthday parties

The best gifts to give to children at children's birthday parties are obviously toys. It is always an idea to get a grasp of what sort of hobbies or interests the child has, before purchasing a gift since you can associate your gift with these hobbies. It is also common for the parents of the child who is celebrating his/her birthday to hand out party bags to the guests of the party. These usually contain sweets, small toys and other small, fun games and activities for them to do.

Christmas parties

Christmas parties is all about having fun and showing people how much they mean to you. Christmas gifts are usually fun gifts at Christmas parties, with little expense spared. They are usually packaged in sparkly (Christmas-themed) wrapping paper, and decorated in christmassy ribbons, or other party decorations.

House-warming parties

House-warming parties are not usually very formal, but at the same time they are not hardcore. An ideal gift to give at a house-warming party is an appliance, or a gift that can be used in the occupant's new home. Gifts often include kitchen appliances, such as kettles or toasters, or decorative features such as potted plants, or maybe even a picture for the wall. Try and check ahead with the hosts of the party on whether or not they have bought the gifts for themselves already, as it would be silly to buy them a house-warming gift that they already have.

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