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What are the different types of weight gain shakes?

While most people spend most of their lives trying to lose weight, there is a small minority such as extremely thin people and professional bodybuilders who need to gain weight and do so by drinking weight gain shakes.

What is a weight gain shake?

Weight gain shakes are a mixture of high protein, low fat and moderate carbohydrates as well as some vitamins and minerals used to add extra calories and protein to a diet. Weight gain drinks can be taken as a meal supplement or taken in addition to a balanced diet in order to gain weight. Bodybuilders looking to add extra muscles and individuals and wanting to bulk up a lean frame can achieve their aim with a weight gain shake.

Types of weight gain shake

The best weight gain drink is one that meets your daily calorie intake without having a large amount of sugar and saturated fat in it. When it comes to weight gain drinks, there are home-made low cost recipes that can fit into long-term lifestyle diets to gain weight and there are weight gain shakes that can be bought in shops. Home-made weight gain drinks Most people prefer to make their own weight gain shakes instead of buying them because it is more cost effective and can be easily made with ingredients found in any kitchen cupboard. A typical home-made weight gain shake can be made of blended ingredients such as whole milk, fruits and fruit juices, yogurt and eggs to name a few. It can be a mixture of your favourite high-calorie foods; as long as it tastes good and you don’t mind drinking it. Store bought weight gainers There are a large variety of weight gain shake mixes currently on the market; most weight gain drinks are mainly high in protein. Store bought weight gain shake mixes usually come in a powdered form which can be mixed with milk, water or fruit juices. There are many types of store bought weight gain drinks on the market, and the most popular ones include: Whey protein Whey is the most popular weight gain drink on the market right now; it has between 50-150 grams of protein and is easily digestible, which saves time when you are looking for fast weight gain. Creatine This is another popular choice for people looking to gain weight fast; bodybuilders love Creatine because it boosts energy during workouts and helps to gain more muscle in a short amount of time. Tip To see proper results, weight gain drinks should go hand in hand with weight training.

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