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What are the entry requirements for the US Coast Guard Academy?

The United States Coast Guard is responsible for saving mariners in distress, the protection of US coastal waters and resources, and maritime traffic control. The trademarks of the US Coast Guard are quick response, versatility to fill in for military, police, or emergency services and a tradition of unsurpassed maritime professionalism. Below are the requirements and application process information.


The USCG is the only branch of the military that does not require a congressional nomination for admittance to its training academy. Due to this open entrance policy and the fact that only about 300 applicants are accepted each year, competition is fierce. Therefore, simply meeting these minimum requirements will probably not be enough for admission. US citizenship If not a US citizen, it is possible to apply as an international cadet. Strong moral character This means more that a clean criminal record. It is a "whole person" evaluation. Age You must be between 17 - 22 years of age on the 1st of June of the year of entrance. A high school graduate or GED recipient This is prior to entry but not necessarily at the time of application. No outstanding debts or serious obligations Marriage, children, credit card debts, etc. will disqualify a candidate. Don't buy a house if you are planning on applying to the USCGA.

Application process

All application material must be submitted by the 1st of February of the year of entrance (15th October or 1st November of the year prior to entrance for Early Action Consideration) Online application This provides the Coast Guard with the initial information that opens your file and releases the applicable forms to you for filing Essays and supplemental forms These are released after acceptance of a candidate's online application and include: - High School and College (if applicable) transcripts
- Math, English, and PE instructor evaluations
- Commanding Officer Recommendation (if you are currently in any branch of the armed forces)
- Physical Fitness Examination
- Official SAT Reasoning or ACT with Writing test scores A qualifying DoDMERB (Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board) medical exam This is not required for reviewing an application but is required before appointment to the academy is offered. This must be completed by the 15th of April and submitted before the 1st of June. If there is a Qualifying Exam on record for another branch of the military or ROTC scholarship program within the last two years, it will be considered valid. All that is required is a statement of present health and report of any injuries sustained since the exam date.

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