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What are the ideas for making t-shirts?

Printed gifts always leave a lasting impression on people who receive them. Such gifts include printed mugs, mouse mats and t-shirts. While mugs and mouse mats work well as studio gifts, t-shirts have the greatest influence. The receiver can wear the t-shirt and hence, feel attached to the giver. You can either make your own t-shirt or have it made for you in a printing shop. Here are a few ideas on how to go about it.

Own t-shirts

You can design your own t-shirts by deciding what will appear on them. These could be images or writings which you can choose, depending on the message that you want to pass across. You get to choose a message that is appealing to you and not necessarily to other people. In addition, you could choose to have your own photo on the t-shirt in order to show how personal it is. The advantage of making your own t-shirts is that you get to use your own creativity without any limitations. You can also make use of old t-shirts to print new designs on them.

Commercial t-shirts

Commercial t-shirts, on the other hand, have to do with the creation of t-shirts for sale. The idea is to get the plain t-shirts for printing at low prices as possible, so that after printing, you can make profit.
The messages that you choose to appear on such t-shirts should be captivating in order to attract customers. Corporate t-shirts also fall under this category. Therefore, the messages appearing on these are custom-printed in order to market their respective companies and products. Company shirts indicate the business creativity for attracting more customers, hence, greater sales.


After choosing the designs and writing to appear on the t-shirt, the next step should entail selecting the ideal method of printing. Several techniques are available on the market, giving different quality and hence, cost. Choose a method that gives quality at a lower cost. For own t-shirts, you can make use of custom ink while for commercial t-shirts, you can make use of various colours which should be finely synchronised.


You should not worry about selling your t-shirts as you can easily do so online through CafePress.
Here, you get to market your printed gifts, which people can get access to, regardless of their distance. In addition, customers can make their orders online, therefore, saving you the time of paying visits and helping them to decide on print designs.

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