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What are the products that can help you to learn Welsh?

When you travel to Wales, one thing that you will notice is that signs are in both Welsh and English. You will also usually find that some of the smaller towns and villages still talk in Welsh. The Welsh language has a lot of history and if you want to blend in, you'll need to learn it to get around. This article will provide you with a few options to help you to learn it.

A Welsh-to-English dictionary

One option that you have is to buy a Welsh-to-English dictionary. This will sort out all of the words that are in English and offers a translation. Many dictionaries will attempt to write it down phonetically, to help you with the pronunciation, but that can be slightly difficult. The problem with Welsh is that you can't say it in the same way that you see it. Use a phrase book Dictionaries can also be difficult because it will not show how you could use the word in a phrase and you will need to look up each word separately. A phrase book can help you by listing the most common sentences that you will need when you start to learn Welsh.

Take Welsh classes

Another popular option to learn how to speak Welsh is to take classes. You have two options: you can choose to take group classes or you can learn through one-on-one classes. There are pros and cons to each one. The main thing that you will need to consider is whether you want to take night classes or learn over the Internet. There are a number of programs which can help you to learn foreign language. When it comes to speaking Welsh, you will benefit from hearing the words and selecting a program that will help you phonetically. Opt for a Welsh translator You can take one-on-one classes by hiring a translator. This can really help you to advance quickly because you will be able to learn phonetics as well as common local phrases. However, you may struggle because translators are not always teachers. You will need to do your research on anyone that you do find to make sure that they are capable of teaching you the language. This is very similar to having a friend help you to learn the language - you will end up learning the bad habits too.

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