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What are the tips to become popular

Your teenage years can be a worrying and upsetting time, especially if you feel that you don't fit in with the most popular crowd. There is in every school all over the world a popular girl or boy who will have all popular people following him or her and so, the "in crowd" is formed. Take a look at how you can fit in.

How to fit in

There are no hard and fast rules on how to be popular in school and all too often, people are led to believe that if they are not welcomed into the most popular group in school or high school, they are a failure. Once a person feels excluded from the social scene, be it either at school or at work, he can start to feel depressed. Having to wake up everyday to go through the same thing will even make the strongest individual feel like giving up and wanting to stay at home. People are familiar with the nerdy kid who will eventually start to be bullied because of the lack of confidence that he has. It's not only kids in the school room who will suffer. There are many adults who suffer bullying in the workplace and can never do anything about it. Some have even ended up leaving their jobs because of not being able to cope with the pressure of it all.

Realise your worth

People need to realise their worth Of course, there will always be beautiful people and most of these will be just as pretty on the inside as on the outside. They would be willing to give everyone a fair chance to become part of the group.
The ones who point out your faults are usually trying to hide their own and these are the ones whom you really do not need in your life. The best way to become popular is to always smile and show your happy side. Everyone wants to be happy and people will be drawn to you if you make them smile. Forget about trying hard to be like other people in order to fit into a particular group. Be yourself and in no time, you'll find that you are just as popular as everyone else.

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