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What are the uses of a magnet board

Magnetic boards have revolutionised the way in which information is relayed in offices, schools and even at home. They have been well embraced for the replacement of old chalk boards. Magnetic boards are less hazardous especially for the asthmatic people who easily get irritated by chalk dust. Magnetic boards have found so many uses in the modern day society.

Uses of magnetic boards

These boards have a variety of uses depending on the locality. Below are the common uses of magnetic boards: Teaching boards
Magnetic boards were first used in classrooms where they replaced chalk boards. They are used by tutors for teaching purposes. A tutor writes on the white magnetic boards by using non-permanent ink pens. The information can be erased by using a magnetic eraser and more information can be written. They can also be used at home or in kindergartens to teach children how to construct letters or pictures. Using magnetic letters and patterns, a child can create different words, pictures or patterns on a magnetic board. Notice boards
Many organisations have started using magnetic boards as notice boards.
As compared to older notice boards where staples were used to stick memos, magnetic boards allow a person to put up a memo, notice and schedules without the use of staples. Conferencing and presentations Magnetic boards have found an extensive use in the business world. They are largely used to create hospital patient care planners, job schedules, graphical and charts displays, wall maps among others. Large magnetic boards are ideal for mounting strategic year plans and business calendars. Display and advertisement Magnetic boards have penetrated the advertising sector where they are used for stand displays. They are used in business malls as displays of featured products, discounted items and new arrivals. Decorative purpose
This includes the use of boards to attach eye catching pictures and patterns. They are commonly used on the refrigerator doors where kids can mount samples of fruits, animals, cartoons and other funny magnetic patterns. Other boards come in appealing colours and patterns and they can be mounted on a house wall for cosmetic purposes.


Magnetic boards can be used in a variety of ways. Whatever the intention of use, magnetic boards are popular for their ease of use, re-usability and durability. They come in variants of sizes. Hence, one is likely to find his or her size of interest.

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