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What beer supplies do I need for home brewing?

Brewing beer at your home is inexpensive, fun and be done at home with just a handful of beer supplies. To learn what beer supplies you need for home brewing, read this guide for more information on beer making at home.

Basic supplies

Malt extract, hops, specialty ingredients, sugar, water and yeast
These represent the basic beer supplies for producing beer at your home bar. These materials are available in beer brew kits for home brewing. Shop from home and purchase these products online on specialised home brewing websites or on online shopping giants like eBay and Amazon. Such products can also be purchased at local liquor stores and grocery stores. Depending on the beer you wish to make, special ingredients may vary. Cinnamon and citrus, for example, are two popular special ingredients for your beer. Sugar will carbonate the beer and it is recommended to use bottled or filtered watered for a better flavour.

Other supplies

Boiling equipment
You most certainly need a burner or kettle for boiling the brew. Straining equipment and spoons and funnels help transfer the brew from the burner or kettle in the fermenter (any large pot). Measuring equipment
Hydrometers, thermometers and scales are needed to maintain a smooth and efficient brewing process. Scales help make sure you have an even balance of ingredients. Cleansers and sanitisers
You want your supplies to be perfectly clean. Remember to clean off everything beforehand and after brewing. Moreover, you want to be sure to wash out the cleansers off your glasses for your bar. If not, unwanted cleanser can infiltrate the beer brew and make the taste much worse. Bleach, chlorine or iodine is recommended as cleansers. Filters
Filters help to take all of the impurities out of your final brew and give your beer a smooth, crisp taste. Siphon hose
This transfers beer from the fermenter into the beer bottles.

Supplementary supplies

Education materials
If you do not know how to brew your own beer, you will want to study a bit first. Buy some books and videos, and read some articles online as well. Here is a small list of online articles which offer advice on home beer and wine brewing: (Brew your own beer) to brew your own beer in seven simple steps) to brew your own beer)

Brewing kits

Average Price
Brewing kits will make your work much easier. Education beer and wine brew kits are available on a plethora of websites and at many stores. These are like step by step guides for beer brewing. Prices range $64 USD to over $319 USD at Midwest Brewing Supplies as of 25.07.2011. Some of the more expensive options even come with bar optics.

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