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What can I do with a Masters in education?

If you are stumped as to what you can do with a Masters in education, you are not alone. While this is not a rare program, neither is it popular. The good news are that this means less competition for you and you have in fact, many options. Read on for more.

Be a lecturer on education

If you are a holder of a Masters in education, consider being a lecturer on teaching courses. Students attending such classes, will want to be teachers so you are in essence, a teacher of teachers. They may be future teachers of nursery, preschool, grade or primary school and such. Such courses may be held in universities as well as colleges. Occasionally, enrichment or educational centres may run such courses.

Apply for principalship

Since you have a passion in education, you are probably fit to lead in an educational institution such as a public or private school. As a principal, you are just that, providing inspiration to both teachers and students alike. A large institution will prefer a candidate who has years of experience as a teacher in a like institution. Smaller institutions like kindergartens will be more lenient of course.

Be an educational counsellor

Would you like to give advice to students and even parents? You can be helping to steer a 'lost' student into the right direction by guiding her on what she can do after high school graduation. How can she discover her own interest in order to know what further studies to pursue? What if there are financial constraints?

Open a learning centre

Be a founder Are you entrepreneurial at heart? Ever felt the itch of opening your own business and being your own boss? You are well qualified to open a learning centre. The question is, what do you want to specialise in? Some areas to consider are: 1. Maths (Mental arithmetic, etc.)
2. Accelerated learning (emphasises on right or whole brain usage, etc.)
3. Speech and drama
4. Special needs
5. Languages A franchise business Some entrepreneurs become so successful that they turn their businesses into franchises. Some of these become known internationally, such as Kumon, which originated from Japan. In fact, rather than organising your own start-up, consider signing up under a franchise in order to avail to a proven and established system.

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