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What can you do with fiber optic lighting

Fiber optical lighting offers flexibility in terms of changing colours and modulating intensity. Since they save energy by using one source of light, they have quickly emerged as an effective solution for illumination and decor. Fiber optic lighting applications optimise these characteristic attributes. Read more for information on what you can do with fiber optic lighting.

Specialised illumination

Floor lighting
Fiber optic light fittings are safe to walk on and don't heat up. They are used for mood lighting or directional lighting at floor level. They may be integrated with the pavers and step risers or installed as fittings for uplighting features like entrances. They may be installed in wooden floors, decking, paving, stairs and skirting. Down lighting
Optical fiber lights, used for down lighting may be programmed to create changing colour wash on a feature wall. By using a shelf around the ceiling perimeter, fiber optic lights can give a soft wash to the walls. Museum and shop displays
Since fiber optic lighting accommodates specialised effects and variable controls, it is used in storefronts as well as museum and exhibitions for illuminating displays. Exterior lighting and signage
Fiber optic lights are used to highlight building features and to create interest in the night-time urbanscape. Their energy efficiency and low maintenance justify their extensive application in exterior signage. Optic cables used may be end emitting or edge emitting for variable effects.

Interior decor

Starry effect
By varying the diameter of the tube, the intensity of the fiber optic light can be varied. Using a number of such fittings on a plane gives the popular starry effect. Though star lights are common in star ceilings, this effect is applied in bed headboards and drapery. Mood lighting
The ability to change colours and include dimmers, makes fiber optic lights a favourite choice for mood lighting in interiors. Art
Taking advantage of the characteristics of fiber optic lighting, various art objects and installations integrate such fittings to create an effect at night-time. Examples of such applications may be seen in chandeliers, light sculpture, artwork, murals and even Christmas tree decorations.

Aqueous environments

Fiber optic lighting is the first choice for applications in aqueous environments where other light fittings may be unsafe. They are used inside swimming pools and water features like cascades and waterfalls. The optical fiber lighting can change colour and appearance of water and create dramatic effects in the landscape. Interior application is found in spas and bathrooms. Fiber optic lights are used in saunas, they are common for creating ambience. They are safe to use in wet and humid environments. Optical fibre lighting has extensive application in both interior and exterior, and is also available as light kits.

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