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What equipment do I need for backpacking in Europe?

Backpacking is a good way to travel cheaply in Europe, and every year, a large number of people set out to see the continent in this way. Here are some backpacking hints and tips.

Basic equipment

Overview There is one basic rule for any backpacking trip - don't take too much!
You see many people in railway stations and on the road, weighted down by their 70kg and more backpacks, or forced to get taxis to the backpackers' hostel because walking with all their stuff is just not feasible.
So, take what you need, but no more. Type of backpack You will need a good, comfortable backpack.
This is essential.
Try it out before you leave, if possible with quite a lot of gear in it, to make sure you can carry it. Other equipment Apart from that, you will need clothing, a sleeping bag, a travel pass if you are entitled to any discounts, a youth hostel handbook, some kind of backpacking guide, and a camera.
Do take a book for a diary.

Camping equipment?

Equipment Should you take camping equipment or not?
On the one hand, it means that you always have somewhere to stay, even if hostels are full or unavailable.
On the other hand, it means you have to carry loads of extra equipment - a tent, a backpacking stove, eating utensils, and a sleeping mat, at the very least.
The choice is yours, but unless you can easily carry things on your back, its better to forget the camping gear!
If you do take it, invest in good, lightweight equipment, even if it costs a little more. It will be worth it.

Some hints and tips

Not too much stuff It's worth saying again - don't take too much!
Some people say you should pack your backpack, then look at everything again and throw out what you don't actually need.
Remember, clothes can be washed, and Europe has shops if you need more.
If it will be cold, use the layer principles - two thin jumpers is as warm as one thick one, takes up less room, and they can be worn separately or together. Accommodation Book accommodation, particularly in peak times. However, don't book too far ahead, as flexibility is what makes backpacking such fun. Travel slowly Don't try to see too much.
Travelling around Europe is supposed to be fun, not a route march!
You will actually see and take in more if you take your time a little.

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