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What is a brilliant cut diamond?

The round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond cut. Brilliant cut diamonds are used in wedding and engagement rings, and in all kinds of jewellery either alone or in combination with other stones. This round cut has maintained its position as the number one cut on the market for years.

What is a diamond cut?

Diamonds are graded according to the so-called four Cs: cut, carat, clarity and colour. Although the round brilliant cut is sometimes understood simply to mean round diamonds, a cut means much more than a diamond's shape. The shape is understood as the form of the gemstone (for example oval or round), but the cut affects how the diamond reflects light and sparkles. The cut has a significant effect on the overall beauty of the diamond, and it also affects how the diamond is graded. A perfect diamond cut A perfect cut reflects light from the top of the diamond. A shallow cut "leaks" light from the bottom and a deep cut lets light out from the side of the diamond. A good cut creates a diamond that reflects light from all its facets and sparkles like a diamond should. A poorly cut diamond can look lifeless and slightly dull, and it can lack the sparkle and the brilliance that is associated with this most precious of all gemstones.

What is the brilliant round cut?

A typical round brilliant cut diamond has 58 facets. The brilliant cut was first used in the 17th century and the first diamonds cut in this style had 17 facets. Over the years, the cut was developed and refined, and the round brilliant cut was created in the early years of the 20th century. Today's highly developed cut creates a diamond that is much more vibrant and sparkling than the early versions. Ideal, very good and good cuts A round brilliant diamond can be used as a solitaire in a wedding ring or combined with other diamonds or precious gemstones. Round brilliant diamonds are available in many price ranges, although it is important to always select the best cut that you can afford. The best quality is found in the "ideal cut", a rare and valuable gemstone cut. A "very good cut" is almost as good but more affordable than the ideal cut. A
"good cut" is again much more affordable than a very good cut, but the latter still reflects most of the light.

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