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What is a press release example?

A press or news release can be a powerful way to get, and then to keep your business in the public eye. So often companies miss this opportunity by using weak or uninteresting documents.

Why are you issuing this release?

Make the press release relevant. This may seem obvious, but it is crucial to target press releases to the correct press contact. The press release format normally allows only one page, so writing a successful document is not easy. Format of a press release. A good document will have five sections.
1. The headline
2. The intro paragraph
3. The credibility paragraph
4. Other useful information and summary
5. Contact details
This press release template is used worldwide.

The content of each section

The press release writer must make sure that this section is both short and interesting. For example 'Apex Rubber gets new contract' will go straight to the waste bin. But 'Apex Rubber in breakthrough medical mat contract' may get a bit more interest. Intro
This is where you outline the 'five w' of your release - who, what, when, where and why? This format is what any journalist will expect in business press releases. It is your chance to describe the groundbreaking new product or shiny new company that is the reason behind this work. But beware. Avoid over-technical language or waffle. Journalists are trained to ask continuously "why should my reader care?", so keep it clean and interesting. Credibility
A good time in any news press release to include some quotes from the key players. Again, make sure that they are relevant and stay on topic. You will need to ensure that whoever you quote is available for interview once the release is sent. Nothing annoys a journalist more than not being able to reach the key players. Other information
It is OK to skip this section if you feel that you have covered everything. Above all, remember not to pad the document with waffle. It is not a good idea to include lots of graphics or photographs at this stage, either. Although a product press release may be crying out for lots of diagrams and pictures, they slow down and distract from the initial reading of the document. Contact
You would be shocked at how many documents reach a journalist's desk with inadequate or missing contact details. Use this section to specify the point of contact for future information, including address, email and phone number. This person will be the facilitator for any press interest and additional media releases.


Press release marketing is a simple and powerful tool if used correctly. Further advice can be found at the Journalism UK site. [[|]]

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