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What is affiliate marketing and how does it help earnings?

We all see affiliate marketing websites on a regular basis, and probably never recognise what we were seeing, or just exactly what it even is. Affiliate sales can vastly improve a person or businesses' earnings, based on either the number of affiliate programs or businesses they market for or the length of time in which they market. Here is how...

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you promote another businesses' products or services to potential customers through a hyperlink or banner advertised or promoted on your web page. If this product or service is purchased by the visitor to your site, then you receive a commission on the sale. If the product or service sold is a service which is billed to the customer monthly, then you receive a commission of the sale on a monthly basis. Look for companies dealing in the same products
The best affiliate marketing is done by advertising the affiliate marketing companies which most closely resemble your web site's business, products or services. If you run a boating business, for example, perhaps your website could advertise bait or fishing rods asaffiliate sites (imagine if this same boating website advertised running shoes as an affiliate partner - very few visitors would purchase running shoes from a site which they frequent for boats!).

How do I start earning?

Have your own website
The first step in setting up an affiliate marketing business is to have your own website. This provides you with a domain where you can be credited and verified to start your affiliate network. Know more before choosing a business program
Next, the affiliate advertising business will want to do their homework before choosing a business program, as there are many affiliate schemes awaiting online. Visit online forums from affiliate businesses which have used those website affiliates before. The Better Business Bureau (or, is a great website for verifying how legit a company is, and will notify you if there have been any complaints or lawsuits filed against the potential affiliate marketing website. Educate yourself
There is a library of knowledge on web marketing tools online. Whether you take a professional affiliate marketing course or affiliate marketing program online, or just Google until you familiarise yourself with affiliate sales, thoroughly educate yourself. Take your time
Remember, any person or business which becomes rich overnight, loses the wealth just as quickly. Take the time to build your knowledge, your business, then your wealth so you can become a respectable brand which outlasts the competition.

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