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What is diabetes and how can I prevent it?

Diabetes mellitus is a term given for a group of diseases that share the common factor of high blood glucose levels. These blood sugar readings are an example of the body’s inefficiency to produce or use insulin. This article will discuss about the two types of diabetes, as well as prevention methods. Diabetes types are distinguishable by a few different symptoms.

About diabetes

Types of diabetes
Diabetes type one usually occurs in children and young adults, whereas diabetes type two affects older adults. It has been previously known as juvenile diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, 8.3% of Americans are affected. This type affects 5% of diabetes cases. From diabetes type one to type two
Diabetes levels can be managed, but it holds a high risk of cardiovascular disease, with a two to four times the magnitude. It is possible to delay diabetes type one from becoming diabetes type two through a change in lifestyle. Symptoms
According to diabetes info, diabetes type two is characterised by symptoms in addition to what occurs in type one diabetes. There are frequent infections present, as well as blurred vision and unusual thirst occurrences in type two diabetics. Signs of diabetes include flu like symptoms, weight loss and swollen gums. Diabetes and pregnancy
During late pregnancy, many women are diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This is because of high blood sugar levels that are present during pregnancy. This condition is estimated to affect 4% of pregnant women each year.


Change lifestyle
People are now realising that they can lower their risk of getting diabetes simply by changing their lifestyle. There is no known way of curing diabetes, so prevention is crucial. The American Diabetes Association supports research aimed at preventing, treating, and curing diabetes. There is diabetes information available about the symptoms of diabetes as well as the preventative treatments for diabetes.
Diabetes type two diet
The diabetes type two diet includes the regular monitoring of blood sugar levels. It also contains an ideal diet of rich plant based foods, lean protein, foods high in carbohydrates and fiber.
Diabetic food
Diabetic foods may include canned beans, different types of grains, as well chicken breast and salmon. For snacking, it may also include chocolate treats and Ritz crackers.
One diabetes test demands that you fast for eight hours. In diabetes free individuals, blood glucose is 70 -100 mg/dL.
Final word
Diabetes symptoms may vary depending on the individual, even though they share common symptoms. It is important to tailor treatment plans to the individual case.

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