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What is natal hypnotherapy?

Giving birth for the first time can be scary and stressful for any mum-to-be. Natal hypnotherapy uses techniques like self-hypnosis and breathing exercises to ensure that the mother is as prepared as she can be for delivering her bundle of joy into the world.

What it is and what it does

Natal hypnotherapy is designed to prepare mothers for giving childbirth. It involves listening to CDs that contain recorded voices accompanied by music. The recordings on the CDs uses hypnosis, visualisation, and the power of suggestion to help a mother to feel more relaxed when it comes to delivery time. Some of the other things that natal hypnotherapy has been proven to do include: overcoming fear associated with giving birth, shorten labour time, reduce pain during childbirth, and feel relaxed and calm.

Hypnotherapy CDs and results

Other uses of hypnotherapy
Natal hypnotherapy CDs are great for the actual process of giving birth, but the CDs come in other forms that are directed at different stages of the pregnancy. Morning sickness is part of the pregnancy that no woman looks forward to. Natal hypnotherapy has a CD that is designed specifically for overcoming morning sickness. With this type of CD, the woman is taught to deeply relax and control her digestion and feelings of calmness. Another CD is used specifically for a woman who is undergoing a c-section. This CD helps the mother to feel calm, relaxed, and confident that the birth will be positive. It also uses visualisation techniques to help the mother to recover quicker. One difficult part to childbirth is recovering afterwards, and natal hypnotherapy has a CD than can be used post child labour. This CD encourages the mother to visualise a speedy recovery, and rest and relax while bonding with her newborn. Some mothers choose to breastfeed their babies, but this action can be stressful on the mother. She may be worried about producing enough milk, or whether or not her baby will latch on and feed. Natal hypnotherapy others a CD for the breastfeeding mum. She is taught breathing techniques as well as how to visualise successful breastfeeding with her baby. Does natal hypnotherapy work?
Natal hypnotherapy is an award-winning programme and has been used by over 100,000 women in the UK. So far, natal hypnotherapy has been a successful process for many women who have tried it, and it is often recommended by birth professionals in the UK.

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