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What is the aim of divorce mediation?

Couples seeking a divorce are usually invited to seek family mediation. This can help married couples to file for divorce when there is no possibility of reconciliation, or it can help couples realise that they are not yet ready for such a final step. Divorce in the UK usually involves couples with children. As divorce rates increase, mediators who can supply useful, impartial divorce information are becoming increasingly useful.

Why use mediation?

Mediation services are particularly useful when there is a contested divorce in the divorce courts. One partner wants the divorce but the other either wants to remain married or will not agree to the terms on which the divorce will be acceptable.
The divorce process is fairly straightforward if both couples agree, but if there are children involved or money to be shared, mediation assistance can help to make the process much smoother. The aim of the mediator is to help with divorce, finding acceptable solutions for both sides so that they can move on in the most financially secure possible way. Children and access
They will also discuss what is best for their children born out of the marriage and those of previous marriages as this can be a very contentious subject.

Increasing divorce statistics need solutions

What do divorce figures reveal?
Divorce statistics show that the number of people undergoing separation and divorce is rising all the time. Legal divorce is possible for any number of reasons from cruelty to abandonment to mutual agreement and the divorce laws have made uncontested divorces easier to obtain. Unsatisfactory divorces
The problems arise in the details of the divorce where one party feels they have lost out. Divorce reasons today would have been unthinkable a generation or two ago. However, marriage and divorce have now become acceptable. Similarly, mediation for divorce will become more and more common as many couples wish to iron out their problems before they reach the courts. This is a cheaper and more sensible option than firing off letter after letter from your solicitors. Mediation saves time and money
Mediation services in the UK are available though your lawyer. Family law firms may recommend a particular mediator or have their own trained divorce advice specialists who can help you discuss the causes of divorce and finalise your divorce papers with the minimum of upset to the children and a fair distribution of assets on both sides.

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