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What is the average forensic psychology salary?

What is forensic psychology? Forensic psychology is a field where psychology and the criminal justice system intersect because it involves the understanding criminal law and being able to testify in court. It also involves reformulating psychological findings into legal language of the courtroom and providing information in a way that can be understood. Find out how much is the average forensic psychology salary.

Forensic psychologists

Forensic psychologists are appointed by the court as expert witnesses by training, experience or both.
They perform a wide range of tasks within the criminal justice system, the biggest of which is that of preparing for and providing testimony in the court room. These involve evaluating the client, testing, performing psychological and mental status exams, assessment of background materials such as police reports, prior psychiatric or psychological evaluations, medical records as well as other pertinent information.
Forensic psychology careers lists a number of forensic psychology careers and job opportunities for people with forensic psychology degrees, including those involving - Investigator for children’s services - Victim assistance agencies - Case worker/direct care provider for mental health agencies - Case worker/direct care provider for MRDD agencies - City police departments - Federal law enforcement corrections programme - Specialist resident - Advisor in a community based correctional facility - Youth advisor in juvenile offender agency - Adult/juvenile probation officer - Court diversion program worker - Court mediation administrator research assistant

Salary of forensic psychologists

Forensic psychologist salaries in UK According to, the average salary for a forensic psychologist in UK is £53,000. This is according to their data from a survey based on over 200,000 pieces of salary data for the date period between 2008 and 2011. Assuming that work is for eight hours a day, 250 days of the year, the data suggests that the hourly rate for forensic psychologist jobs is £26.5. Salaries differ in different regions in UK. According to individuals who have reported to, the salary range for forensic psychology jobs in UK is between £19,437 to £60,147 (2011).
Forensic psychologist salaries in USA on the other hand, reports that forensic psychologist jobs in the USA pay within a range of $34,000 to $119,000 annually, including bonuses (updated, Aug 2011).

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