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What is the most essential hairdressing equipment?

Hairdressing involves a number of activities such as hair cutting, hair styling, hair treatments, and hair care. For each of the services that fall under hairdressing, special hairdressing tools along with other salon products are used by stylists and professionals all over the world. Read on to find more about the most essential hairdressing equipment available.

Types of hair dressing equipment

When you visit a professional salon, you will see several hairdressing products and hair equipment like hair cutting tools (hair clippers, salon scissors, and so on) that are used for a specific purpose. Each service at a salon requires the use of certain tools and equipment, depending on whether it is used for hair cutting, chemical treatments, or hair products used for different hair treatments. Stylists' equipment Stylists use different equipments such as a hair iron that is used for hair straightening and a hair tong or curler to temporarily curl the hair. Stylists also use hair wigs or false hair extension pieces that add volume and style to the hair, and are used mainly for models or show girls in fashion shows or media events. Hair dressers use different kinds of hair cutting equipment like hair scissors, hair trimmers, thinning scissors, a tail comb, and a hair cutting comb. However, most stylists always carry their own scissors, comb, and hair dryers with them.

Setting up a salon

There are many famous hairdressing salons such as Tony and Guy, Paul Mitchell, and many more that offer world-class hair dressing standards. They also endorse their own hair products and treatments line. Resources that you need Setting up a salon requires you to have all the right equipments in place, depending on the services on offer. Usually, a salon requires salon chairs, dressing mirrors, trolleys to place your hair styling products, a manicure and pedicure set-up - if that is a service that you wish to offer - a hair wash stand, and a hair products display counter to showcase all your salon’s products.

Hair dressing products

Hair dressing products are usually categorised as hair styling products and hair care products. Hair styling products and hair care products Hair styling products are those intended to give your hair the right look and feel temporarily. Hair care products are for nourishing your hair and providing the right texture and care for your hair that will last a long time. The most common hair styling products are hair sprays, wax, gels, mousse, and sparklers or gloss. These provide a temporary look for your hair and are available for different hair types such as straight hair or curly hair. Hair care products include shampoos, conditioners, masks, moisture sprays, protective sprays, and leave-in moisturisers that protect your hair from any damage.

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