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What is the most famous pieces of Iraq war footage

The war in Iraq has been raging on since 2003. As a result, there has been many pieces of war footage shot and many of these war videos become famous for one reason or another. This article explains two pieces of footage that stand out from the war in particular. Interestingly, neither of these are of combat footage.

Taking down the Saddam statue

Just as the Iraq war started in 2003 and the U.S had troops that had started trying to take control of Baghdad, the local Iraqi protesters against Saddam Hussein's regime showed their thoughts towards their leader and watched on as a U.S armoured tank pulled down a statue of him that stood in the centre of the city. Significance The footage showed the U.S troops strapping chains around the statue which stood high on a concrete platform in the middle of what appears to be a roundabout. One of the unique parts about the footage was that the Iraqi people were actually helping the U.S troops to strap the chains onto the statue. It was a sign that after so many years, even decades of being oppressed by the dictator, the Iraqi people were now finally able to rise and join a revolution. Iraqi revolution

This idea of an Iraqi revolution was slightly hindered by the placing of an American flag over the head of the statue, but as the statue was slowly toppled over, cheers were heard from the Iraqi people as they finally saw the demise of the evil dictator.

Suddam Hussein's hanging

Even though the video footage was highly censored and not widely shown, the secretly shot footage of Saddam Hussein's hanging was sent around the world. The footage was secretly shot on a mobile phone by one of the few people who was allowed in to the hanging. Content It showed Saddam having some material placed around his neck before he was made to step up to the noose. The men who were assisting the hanging added to the cold atmosphere of the footage by all wearing balaclavas to hide their faces from potential Saddam supporters to prevent the latter from recognising them after the event. Saddam does not put up any struggle and actually looks quite smart with groomed hair and a clipped beard. The noose is then placed around his neck, and the evil dictator is left to hang.

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