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What is the role of the Food Standards Agency in the UK?

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is an independent department set up in the Government by an Act of Parliament 11 years ago. Its aim is to protect the public’s interests with regard to food.

Values and aims

It is currently responsible for seven advisory committees and the FSA also share public bodies with the Department of Health and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
Core values
The FSA adhere to three core values:
1. Putting the consumer first
2. Openness and independence
3. Science and evidence-based These three values are applicable in all their work and all they are accountable for and to.
Of which, they are accountable to Parliament and to administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
In practice, the FSA remain honest and objective by pushing for ongoing improvement and efficiency.
The FSA have also set out six aims for the following few years, hoping to be in practice by 2015.
According to the agency's website,, these aims are:
-Foods produced or sold in the UK are safe to eat
-Imported food is safe to eat
-Food producers and caterers give priority to consumer interests in relation to food.
Consumers have the information and understanding they need to make informed choices about where and what they eat.
Regulation is effective, risk-based and proportionate, is clear about the responsibilities of food business operators, and protects consumers and their interests from fraud and other risks.
Enforcement is effective, consistent, risk-based and proportionate and is focused on improving public health

Responsibilities and committees

The Food Standards agency (FSA uk) is responsible for a very important part of our everyday life, for food and hygiene, food and safety and healthy food.
It is in charge of food safety as well as food hygiene all over the UK.
They work with local establishments to check that the regulations and requirements and food safety rules are met on a daily basis. Committees
There are many different committees that advise the FSA, their job is to work with the FSA to ensure that their aims and values are always up to date with the most recent evidence.
These independent committees include:
-The Social Science Research Committee
- Better Regulation Advisory Group
-Advisory Committee on Pesticides
- FSA Expert Group on Testing of Milk for Antibiotic Residues
-The Consultative Group on Campylobacter
-Salmonella in Chickens.

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