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What outfits go with red handbags?

A bag is a woman’s greatest accessory. The colour of your bag determines your sense of style especially, if it goes well with the rest of your dress code. Red, the colour of love is a favourite for most women. However, you may shy away from buying red bags because of lack of favourable outfits to go with them. Red is a bright colour, therefore, the outfit to go with a red handbag should ensure that the bag stands out.


Black is a colour that goes well with all other colours. An all black skirt suit would make a red leather handbag shine. While the black outfit brings out a focused and serious lady, the red bag would do the trick of making you look trendier and unconventional. Black tights and sweaters accompanied by a red leather handbag and white boots would also bring the fashion idol in you.


White is bright and could be formal or informal. In informal settings, white is mostly used in weddings and dinners. In a wedding, for example, where red is chosen as a theme colour, a bride in white gown would look chic in red bridal shoes and a red purse. Similarly, the bridesmaids would enhance the theme of the wedding by adorning red wedding shoes. White helps the body to lose excessive heat, therefore in summer, white dresses with red leather purses would work wonders in portraying elegance and sophistication.

Mixture of black and white

You do not have to wear all white or black outfits to look great with a red handbag. Wearing black bottoms with a white top would also bring out a spectacular look with a red handbag. The idea is to make the bag stand out from the rest of the outfit.
Dark blues
Red bags do not go well with skirts and dresses only. Most jeans are made of dark blue colours that would help to enhance the red bag when worn with bright tops of greys to whites.


Not all bright colours would go well with a red handbag. For example, yellow and red leaves you looking like a clown. On the other hand, dark colours such as brown will make the red handbags look way out of place. Whatever colours you choose, they must seem to mingle well with the handbag.

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