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What qualifications do I need to get on accountancy courses?

So you have decided the world of numbers and tax notices is for you. Maybe you have even decided on the perfect company to take you on. However, wait. Do not get too ahead of yourself. You need qualifications before you can start your fantastic and exciting future career. Read on for a bit more information about this.


If you have decided to train as an accountant, you will not be limiting yourself to one field. Below are the options available in accounting and UK finance professions, with a brief summary of the job: - Accounting technician,
- Chartered certified accountant,
- Chartered management accountant,
- Chartered public finance accountant,
- Company secretary,
- Corporate treasurer,
- Management consultant,
- Tax adviser,
- Tax inspector. These options give you a nice amount of time to decide exactly which path is for you.


The easiest route in accounting is to study a degree in the subject. To get a place on one of these degree courses, most universities require you to have at least two A Levels, ideally in Maths and IT and three GCSEs, amounting to at least 280 UCAS points. Universities also look kindly on those with some on the job training, even if it is only summer work. If you are serious about one of the above careers, think about volunteer work. It looks fantastic on your CV and university applications.

Online training

Although it is possible to enter into the profession of accountants in the UK, you will need to undertake some sort of AAT tax training courses, either through a work scheme or at a college. Kaplan provide home accounting and accountancy training and are well known providers of ACCA courses and CIMA courses online. They are one of the best places to go to gain your CIMA qualification.

Work routes

To look for opportunities to work in accounting and gain your experience in this way, contact Reed accountancy. They receive numerous job postings from UK financial sectors looking for accountancy professionals and also for the cheaper option for those looking to work their way up from bookkeeping positions. There are countless ways to get into the job that you want for your future. Getting the qualifications also open up other options for any career changes you decide on.

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