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What services do ABF freight offer?

ABF, the national and regional transporter of general commodities freight, offers a range of services to customers. Learn more about the services offered by ABF freight.

All about ABF

ABF is a national and regional transporter of general commodities freight and is primarily involved in LTL shipments. The general commodities that the company ships includes all types of freight, except hazardous waste, commodities of significantly high value, dangerous explosives, commodities in bulk, and commodities requiring special equipment. Its mission ABF’s mission is to provide its customers with a reliable transportation service that meets the needs of its customers, never fails to be reliable, and provides competitive freight shipping quotes. ABF’s vision is to remain a highly successful, well-respected organisation which is profitable to its stockholders and employees as well as the general public.

TimeKeeper, TurnKey, Trade Show, and secure shipment divider services

ABF freight systems and services include: ABF TimeKeeper TimeKeeper is designed to meet the needs of customers who require same-day, next-day or second-day by air services. This service is perfect for customers who require fast shipping solutions.
ABF TurnKey This service is designed for the shipment of sensitive items such as electronics or furniture. Customers whose shipment requires special care and attention can use this service. ABF Trade Show This service is designed for moving exhibits. ABF specialists work on the exhibit floor to assist customers in coordinating move-in delivery and move-out loading. ABF Secure Shipment Divider The Secure Shipment Divider service is designed for segregated bulkhead shipping. It provides enhanced security to consumers who require it.

U-Pack Moving, FreightValue, International, and Flatbed Delivery Services

ABF U-Pack Moving The U-Pack Moving service reduces the stress and cost for a customer who needs to move their household goods out of their current place of residence. ABF FreightValue This service is a single-source solution for shipments needing special equipment or careful handling. The service is designed to cater for wide, tall and heavy goods. ABF International Services The International Services method of shipping allows for seamless intermodal shipping through 250 ports across 130 countries. ABF Flatbed Delivery Service This service is designed for shipments that require cranes for unloading or when freight is too heavy and cumbersome for alternative methods of shipping.

Truck Pack, ReloCube, Supply Chain, and Global Supply Chain Services

ABF Truck Pack Truck Pack is able to transport up to 1,500 pounds worth of freight. Freight must fit onto a standard-sized pallet.
ABF ReloCube
This transportation solution offers ground-level access, compact storage and enhanced security for freight. ABF Supply Chain Services
This service offers stress-free inventory management. ABF Global Supply Chain Services This service is ideal for shipments across multiple oceans. The service provides a weekly link been the Chinese and Taiwanese ports and the West and East Coast ports in the USA.

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