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What to consider when choosing baby swings & bouncers

Baby swings and baby bouncers are ideal toys to keep baby amused. They love movement and these can provide them with this at a time when they are not able to get around themselves. They also give mum some hands free time!

Baby swings

Baby swings come in indoor and outdoor varieties. Either way, you need to choose something which is suitable for the age and weight of your baby. Its best to choose one which has some growing space in it too so that you w ill not have to replace it after a couple of months. Outdoor swings Outdoor varieties may need putting together and some kind of cover to keep the rain off. Make sure you have plenty of room in your garden for the swing. Indoor swings Indoor swings can attach to door frames or you can get free standing types. You will need to decide where the best place for your swing is. Features Baby swings often have extra attachments like mobiles or toys to keep baby amused. Look for swings which have economical battery use and different swing speeds. You can then gently swing the baby when they are tired or have a more energetic swing when they are playful. Some swings also play music to keep your baby entertained.
Check the swing seat to make sure that the cover is washable and whether it can be removed for a machine wash.

Baby bouncers

Bouncers come in two types: those which hang from the door and those which are chairs for babies. Door bouncers Door bouncers are for babies who can hold up their heads and before they can walk. They are great fun but remember to think where you will hang them. Baby bouncing chairs Baby bouncing chairs start at very basic models and range up to full blown baby gyms. What to consider when buying You will need to consider the cost and what your budget is before purchasing. They are similar to swings in that some may need batteries for music or vibration. Decide whether you need one with toys attached or something which is more of a seat. The more toys bouncers have attached to them, the bulkier they get. So, make sure you have plenty of room or consider buying a bouncer which folds away for easy storage. Washability is also a factor. One final thing to consider is how much use your baby will get out of a bouncer. Some models change from a baby rocker to a toddler rocker and these could be a good investment for the future.

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