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What to do when you have locked keys inside the car

Forgetting to get the keys inside your car and locking yourself out as a result can be very frustrating and irritating. When placed in this type of situation, the one thing that you should not do is to panic as this might negatively impact your judgement. There are many ways available which can help you open your car’s doors without even damaging your vehicle.

DIY, insurance companies, locksmiths, and car dealers

Do-it-yourself If you have accidentally locked your keys inside your car, go around and see if each door is locked. This is probably the easiest and quickest way to get yourself back inside your car. Also, check the windows and see if there’s one which is down enough for you to fit your arm inside. See if it’s possible if you can reach the door handle which is typically just above the door panel. Insurance companies and locksmiths Assuming that your car policy includes lockouts, you can try contacting your insurance company for assistance.
Locksmiths Another thing that you can do to get yourself out of this situation, is to have a locksmith unlock the doors. Most locksmiths are adept in opening car doors that have been locked out. However, be careful in choosing one to avoid getting yourself into compromising situations. Before a locksmith could begin opening your car door, first ask for a cost estimate. Most reputable locksmiths would volunteer this information when you call them up over the phone. Also, ask about additional charges as some companies ask for additional payment for mileage or services done late at night. Car dealership Contact the car dealership in your locale which sells the same car model that you own. Provide them the VIN number of your car. You can typically find this number in front of the dashboard on the driver’s side. Once they have this information, they would be able to make you a duplicate key in minutes. If the dealership is near where you are at, you can pick up the key yourself or have someone get it for you.

Slim Jims and police assistance

Using a Slim Jim If you own a 1990 model or older, you can try using a Slim Jim to open the car doors. The Slim Jim is specifically designed to open locked out car doors. However, this tool cannot be used for post 1990 car models as these typically come equipped with Slim Jim blocking features. Police assistance If you don’t own a Slim Jim, try calling the police for assistance. Many police personnel use devices like Slim Jims to open locked out cars. Keep in mind that you may be asked by the responding police to sign a waiver form in case your car gets damaged.

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