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What to look for in Gran Canaria holidays

The Canary Islands, off the coast of Africa but under the government of Spain are the perfect place for a year round holiday break. Let's look at the second largest of the islands, Gran Canaria.

The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are just 100 kilometres from the coast of Africa and include seven volcanic islands. They are a perfect year round holiday destination. Gran Canaria is the second of the islands, after Tenerife and cheap flights to Gran Canaria can be had from the UK or from mainland Spain. The Gran Canaria climate is beautiful with year round sun but not too hot. Beaches
One of the major attractions of the island is of course the beaches. Gran Canaria beaches are sandy making them perfect for family holidays. The main resort areas are on the southern side of the island and include Playa de Ingles, Maspalomas and San Augustin, all of which provide everything you would wish for in a perfect holiday in Gran Canaria.

Things to do on Gran Canaria

Apart from the obvious attraction of the beaches, there are many other things to do in Gran Canaria. There are three water parks for a start plus all the watersports you can think of, including scuba diving among the reefs, some natural and some artificial, off the north coast of the island. Biking and walking
There are a number of biking and walking trails around the island where you can enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna. On Gran Canaria car hire is also a good idea so that you can reach the more out of the way spots such as Puerto Morgan, a picturesque fishing village or the resort of Puerto Rico on the north side of the island, popular with water sports enthusiasts. Fiestas
As with all places Spanish, fiesta time is great fun for all the family. Buying a holiday guide will give you an idea of when the main fiestas are but the best one of all is 'Carnival' in late February.

Where to stay

You have a number of options with your holiday destination of Gran Canaria in terms of accommodation. There are four star hotels such as the Gloria Palace Gran Canaria chain or you may prefer to stay in apartments on Gran Canaria, of which there is a large and varied supply. Getting a good deal
If you hunt around, you should be able to find some Gran Canaria late deals especially cheap holidays in December except, of course, right round Christmas when prices tend to creep up. Its worth hunting around on the internet for cheap holidays to the Canary Islands in general as they are all worth a visit.

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