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What to look for in fly line backing

Fly line backing isn't just a mound of white string wound around the a fishing spool. Without this backing, any form of fishing would be impossible. Proper fly line backing set-up is extremely necessary if you want to do well. Read on to find out what to look for in fly line backing.

Section one: The basics

The white string raises the level of the fishing line. The line can then be cast over the rim off the spool. If the fly line isn't high enough, the slightest glitch in casting will lead to the fly line rubbing too hard against the inside of the spool lip. This is one of the worst problems when you are fly-fishing. The fly rod and you need to work together so there will be a fluid balance to the casting process. Much of this comes from proper fishing form, which will come to you in time, but just as much comes from your line and backing being set up correctly. When attaching your fly-line backing, never overtighten your line.

Section two: Steps

Backing that is wound on too tight will have little fishing give. When placing the delicate fly line above it, the two different lines have to work together rather than against each other. A too solid core around the base of the spool can lead to imbalance. This imbalance comes from small overtightened clumps of fly-line backing that throw the spool off just enough to hinder its proper rotation. This ultimately leads to minuscule hiccups in the fly line coming off the spool. And this leads to poor presentation and often line tangles.

Section three: Tips

It's a warm day and the fly line has been literally flying off the reel, maybe even flying out so that the backing has to be used as back-up line for the fight. There's a good deal of heat build-up in the parts that allow a fly-rod spool to zip along at often intimidating speeds. The fly-line backing also solves the purpose of protecting the fly line from spool heat build-up. Friction always generates heat, and even a small four-weight spool can spin along at a ridiculous speed when annoying fish has bitten but is refusing to be reeled in.

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