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What to look for in gym bags

When buying gym kit bags, there are a number of things to keep in mind such as capacity, portability and waterproofing. This article explores what to look for in a sports bag to help you find a product to suit your needs.

Holdalls and their features

Holdall styles for capacity have a great range of sports accessories, including men's and ladies' gym bags, sports wallets and shoes.
If you want a bag with a big capacity, look out for holdall styles.
The Nike 3.0 Sami gym bag is one of the best gym bags on the market and is currently priced at just £25.99 from Sports Directs online store.
This model has a hard-wearing tarpaulin fabric base, so you can throw your bag on the sideline without worrying about getting holes in the bottom, or getting a damp kit if you're playing out in the rain. Waterproof inner bags and shoe bags
Head women's sports bags are excellent for your fitness kit, as they are hard-wearing.
The Head Women's tennis bag from is a spacious holdall.
It comes with removable shoe and waterproof bags, to keep your clothes clean and dry.
Larger sports holdalls are very versatile, and can also double as weekend bags, with plenty of room for everything that you'll need for an overnight stay.
If you're going to invest in a good, large gym holdall, think about other uses for the bag to get the most from your money.

Backpack styles

Backpack-styles for ease of carrying
Also available from are a great range of sport backpacks and shoulder bags.
These can be more portable than holdall bags.
The Nike Graphic Bags are pretty backpacks which make excellent, versatile gym sacks.
If you want to look chic at your fitness class, these bags are all you need in oder to look stylish.
They are available in a variety of colours including blue and pink.
The Graphic North backpack is a bargain at just £14.99 from Personalized sports bags
If you're looking for custom-made sports bags, check out the NikeID Equipment bags, with personalized features.
You can choose from a number of options including custom colours.
For truly personalised bags, you can even opt to have two 12 character embroidered words (such as your name).
These are available from the Nike Official Store online at Final word
You can always test out sports bags in store, even if you are planning on buying online.
Trying kit bags and holdalls before you buy will ensure that you get a bag which is comfortable to hold, and has enough room for your needs. *Prices correct as of 02/06/2011

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