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What to look for in travel golf bags

Choosing the right golf bag ahead of travel involves meeting certain criteria. For example, it's not use getting bags without wheels. This article shows you what to look for in travel golf bags.

Main characteristics

Hard or soft? Possibly the main consideration when choosing your travel golf bag is whether or not to use a hard or soft bag.
The main advantages of a soft bag, for example, are that you can use it both for travel and on the course, while hard cases are only useful for travel. Hard cases provide extra security, however, while some airlines force passengers to sign a release form before transporting clubs in a soft case.
Occasionally, airlines force passengers to pay a levy to transfer their clubs using the airline's own hard cases. Size and weight Consider whether you wish to use the same bag for both travel and around the course, and, if so, choose a lightweight and medium-to-small case. Material Pay the additional cost to make sure you get a high quality, waterproof case.
If you transport your clubs in a material that is not very waterproof, you may find that they are damp and extremely unpleasant upon arrival.

Security and accessibility

Striking the balance Choosing a golf bag for travel is often seen as a compromise between security — whether or not your clubs can be tampered with while travelling — and accessibility — how easily you can switch clubs while you're out on the course. One way of negating this issue is to get a special travel cover for your clubs which you utilise when transporting your equipment, but can remove when out on the course to lower the size and weight and make your clubs reachable.

Additional features

Separate shoe compartment Make sure the case you get for travel has its own separate shoe compartment.
This means you can transport your shoes, which may be damp or dirty, separate from your main luggage. Wheels Choose a golf bag with wheels so you can easily move it from A to B around the airport, train station and in the forecourt.
In-line wheels are the best kind, while you should also look for wheels that are durable and have a degree of tread, as these can cross different types of terrain better. Handles Finally, pick a bag with handles, as this will lead to your bag receiving better treatment from baggage handlers and means you can easily lift your bag in and out of vehicles or the luggage rack.

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