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What to look for when buying a coin operated pool table

Many pool and billiards enthusiasts claim that a bar, gaming rooms, recreational center, home entertainment room or any other venue is incomplete without a pool table. However, purchasing one can be a major endeavour and investment. Therefore, it is critical to learn exactly what to look for, when buying a coin operated pool table so as to ensure that you receive the best deal.

Dimensions of the table

Measuring the room
When viewing coin operated pool tables, it is important to measure the room, where it will be placed. This is done in order to ensure the table will fit, and there is enough space for players to comfortably take shots. Pool table sizes
Standard pool table sizes measure up to eight feet in length, with cues measuring 58 inches. Therefore, the minimum size should be 17 inches in length, by 13.5 inches in width.

Material of the table

Construction materials
Another critical aspect when selecting a pool table is the construction materials. Wood on a cheap pool table begins to sag over time, resulting in pockets to tilt and affecting the overall fairness of the game. The better pool table makers will never use Pine, and prefer to utilise hardwoods like oak or maple. This allows for a much more durable table, that is fit for long uses. Inspection of the cloth
Also, you must inspect the cloth to ensure that there are no tears, dings, scratches or other types of wear, especially next to the pockets.

Slate inspection

Supporting slab of slate In addition to inspecting the material, it is vital to look under the table at the supporting slab of slate.
Cracks and holes
Since slate is heavy and expensive, it is important to look for cracks and holes.
Expensive replacement If you do not conduct this inspection and the slate is cracked, it can be extremely expensive to replace. Coin operated machine game pool tables are typically sent in one piece, while regular tables ship the slate in three pieces.


Multi-purpose table An additional point to consider is finding a multi-purpose table. A game table is manufactured with a variety of removable tops, which can transform into a dining table, Ping-Pong table or serve many other pool table games. These tops can be customised to blend perfectly with the decor of the room.
Addition of features Other features can be added, such as felt in a variety of colours, and even pearls can be applied to the table.

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