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What to look for when buying new blank cassette tapes (tips and prices)

Although the cassette tape may seem like a quaint piece of equipment from yesteryear, you can still buy blank cassette tapes to use. It may be easier for some people to record audio with a tape recorder than make a digital recording with a CD, and some people still use tape recorders instead of investing in expensive new technologies.

Buy blank tapes online

You can buy blank media from Amazon in the Electronics & Photo department. Amazon's UK store has multiple brands of blank cassettes. Tapes are available as full size, micro, and mini cassettes. Some of the brands available include Olympus, Maxell, and TDK tapes. The TDK brand - This is the most common audio cassette brand available on Packages of blank 90 minute tapes are available for about £5. The store offers regular cassette tapes and chrome cassette tapes. - Tesco Direct offers similar pricing. The prices are expensive compared to other times of media, such as blank CDs, but audio tapes are becoming a rarity. - Tapes UK also offers online ordering for TDK single cassette tapes. The price is approximately under £1.

What to look for when buying audio cassette tapes

You can also buy tapes, sometimes in bulk, on Ebay. Ebay offers change, depending on what is available from different Ebay sellers. Like blank video tapes, audio tapes are an uncommon need. Some people may be getting rid of old blank tapes that they do not need, so they will sell them at a low price.
Author's advice
Remember to ask about the condition of tapes that you buy on Ebay - tapes can be ruined if they are stored in areas with long exposure to heat or sunshine. Packaging details
Since new audio cassette tapes are available at stores like Amazon and Tesco Direct, you should only buy tapes that are still in their original packaging. Used tapes can look new and be blanked out, but they are not of the same quality as new tapes. Be sure that you get what you pay for: if you want a new tape that will work well, it needs to be in new packaging and before the purchase, it should have been stored in a cool area.
Standard audio cassette tapes
These kinds of tapes are 3.81 mm in size, according to media manufacturer Maxell. The standard available lengths are 60 minutes, 90 minutes, and
120 minutes. There is a small square on the top of the tape that is removed when a tape is non-recordable, so you want the square to be intact. These should be the specifications you look for when buying blank audio tapes.

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