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What to look for when buying party packs

Depending on the event, party bags should contain things, that remind people of the special event they've enjoyed, such as the bridal showers. The party packs should give the bride ideas, and accessories of what she can expect from married life. This article will show what to look for when buying party packs.

Overnight party bag

Items should inspire an activity, or go with the theme of the birthday party or occasion. You should also think about decoration too. You can think of party flags, glow sticks, party banners, streamers, and cheap balloons for your parties.
Sleep-over goody bag
A sleep-over goody bag can contain things, that kids and adults will need to be entertained with during an evening party. Think of microwave popcorn, juice boxes for the children's parties and mini-wine bottles for the adults, brightly-coloured wash cloth, with a small bar of soap, tooth brush, and tooth-paste, and a night-light to take home and use in their room. You can put sparkly eye masks in too.

Arty birthday bag

This bag will inspire children to express themselves, through drawing or colouring. Include small packs of crayons, kid's water-colours and paint-brushes, coloured pencils, kid-friendly markers, a small sketch pad, colouring book or activity pad. Give each child an unfilled brown paper lunch bag, and have them decorate it with crayons or stickers, then they can put everything in their bags, when they're done.

Pirate parties

Pirate themes are very popular for birthday parties, and give parents a great opportunity to make a popular party favours bag. Put a few gold-covered chocolate coins in the bag, along with some fake jewellery if girls will be present. Pirate accessories are easy to find in dollar stores, and would include bandanas, hooked hands and eye patches. There may be some pirate inspired activity books and stickers. Include some sea shells, a toy pail and a shovel suitable for beaches. You could also include pirate ship building kits for them to play with at home. These are best as boys' party bags.

Glamour bags

Little girls' parties may have a flare of sophistication, and the goody bag should reflect this with glamour and style. Purchase small fabric purses at a craft or dollar store, and use them as the bag. Stuff them full of play make-up and nail polish, nail files, unbreakable mirrors, hair clips and bands. Include some play perfume and bubble bath. By putting full size versions of everything described in these bags, you will transform it into an adult version. These are probably only best for girls' gift bags though.

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ManchesterOnline: Review and rate

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