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What to look for when buying promotional clothing for a business

When you are starting a new business, or even if you have an existing business, one of the most important methods of advertising and brand building can be done with promotional clothing and all sorts of promotional items, also known as corporate giveaways. Many existing businesses do not even consider making use of any of these promotional options available to them. This is one of the first things a new business should use to promote and advertise their business name, products or services with.

What promotional options are there?

There are an endless choice when it comes to promotional advertising. The most popular promotional methods that the smaller to medium size business or company use, are promotional clothing items such as t-shirts, golf shirts, jackets, overalls, caps, jerseys and many other clothing items. The clothing may be used to give away to clients as well as sponsor a sports team, for example. Clothing is part of everyday life and what is better than to incorporate it into your daily work and business. Promotional gifts Employees who wear your companies clothing, such as sales people who spend time on the road selling your products and services, is another way to further promote your business name. Using a promotional gift or items such as pens, rulers, caps, up market jackets, branded wine and many others, are commonly used by companies to hand out to clients or use as prizes at corporate golf days. This is a popular method to promote a new product or company.

Different qualities available

Before making a final decision involving your company’s promotional clothing, make sure the quality of the clothing items, such as the t-shirts or golf shirts are of a very good quality. Many garments on offer are of an inferior quality and will not last for more than a few months. Do not waste your money on these items. Instead, buy clothing which is durable, which will save you money in the long run.
How to add your company name and logo All businesses have their own colours and company name or logo which defines them. These colours and the name and logo of your business should be incorporated and added to all your promotional clothing and items. It can be added through promotional printing or embroidery directly onto the garments. There are many of these printing and embroidery businesses which specialise in these methods.

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